The Ternion Advantage

Most simulation development efforts fail to deliver the expected capability on time and within budget. Some fail completely and never deliver anything. Most existing simulations are so expensive and time-consuming to upgrade and maintain that they are no longer satisfying the requirements of their users.

In contrast, Ternion’s custom simulation development efforts have always succeeded. Below are some of the reasons why.

Reduced Software Design and Development

All of our custom simulations are based on FLAMES. Therefore, when we begin the development of a new custom simulation, we are always starting with a full-featured, working simulation framework. In addition, we have in our inventory the software from all the other custom simulations we have ever built, and some of this software can often be reused in a new simulation with little or no modification. Consequently, there is very little totally new software that we have to design or develop to create a new custom simulation.

By basing our custom simulations on FLAMES, we don’t need to spend time developing each new custom simulation from scratch. Instead, we develop relatively small extensions. The architecture of FLAMES allows us to “plug in” these extensions directly, creating a new custom simulation without extensive development time and modification to FLAMES itself.

Reduced Software Testing and Maintenance

The unique extensions to create a FLAMES-based custom simulation make up a relatively small portion of the simulation. Therefore, the amount of testing that has to be performed before the custom simulation can be delivered is greatly reduced. Similarly, it is a minimal effort to upgrade and maintain these unique extensions. FLAMES itself is tested and maintained by another division of Ternion.

Reduced Cost and Faster Delivery

The reduction in the effort required to develop, test, and maintain one of our custom simulations translates directly into a lower cost. We can usually deliver a custom simulation for a tiny fraction of the cost other companies would charge to develop a similar simulation. In addition, we can deliver our simulations much more quickly.

Reduced Risk

As has been stated, we begin the development of a new custom simulation by starting with our full-featured, off-the-shelf simulation framework products. We know before we start that most of what we are going to deliver is already developed and tested and fully functional. In addition, we are experts in using FLAMES to create custom simulations, and we have been doing it successfully for scores of customers for over 30 years. You can hire Ternion to build your custom simulation with the confidence that we will deliver what you expect, on time and within budget.

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