IITSEC Breakfast with Ternion 2019

Breakfast with Ternion 2019

Ternion® Corporation hosted their annual breakfast at I/ITSEC 2019. Simulation professionals gathered to listen to a presentation by Ternion President Brad Spearing while enjoying a full breakfast buffet. The presentation contained points on the major issues in the simulation industry today, with information about FLAMES® and how Ternion’s framework approach to creating custom constructive simulations overcomes these obstacles. Brad Spearing also highlighted the new features in FLAMES 18.0, as well as the future direction of FLAMES.

You can watch the presentation with audio below, or click here to view the slides.

Presentation Highlights

Ternion Overview: A brief history of Ternion Corporation and FLAMES.

FLAMES Overview: Details on how FLAMES’ unique “framework-approach” reduces the cost and time spent to build high-quality custom simulations.

New Features in FLAMES: A description of the updates in FLAMES version 18.0, which was debuted at I/ITSEC 2019.

Future FLAMES Enhancements: An overview of the exciting changes coming to future FLAMES releases.

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